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Export packing service for relocation

If you have goods/cargo that needs export packing when relocating with us, then we can take care of this if your address is within 2 or 3 hours’ drive of at either of our depots based in Kent, England or in Luxembourg. It is not meant to be a packing service for full house removals but if you do have a few or even several antiques that need specialist care, art work for gallery, any fragile item, sculptures, high value electronics or items of furniture of no real financial value but of high sentimental value then please contact with our sales team to get a free, low – cost quote for this service. We would then allocate the correct vehicle to pick up these items with a trained driver and the items would be blanket wrapped and temporally secured in to the vehicle and brought back to one of relocation depots. The items will then be professional wrapped by a trained person for safe road transport.

European Moving and/or our insurance company will take full liability of goods/items/cargo export packed by us for your move in the highly unlikely event of a damage in transit.

Please contact our relocate sales team by email for a mover quotation.