Extra benefits

  • You have a maximum of 5 hours loading and 3 hours unloading time. (not including partloads)
  • A free timed collection when you are ready for your moving day.
  • Items / good’s delivered to the room of your choice on the ground floor by our mover drivers or assistance from our driver if you have only booked one driver.

EasyMoves – removals

This service is typically for customers who are arranging larger house removals with 1, 2, 3 or 4 van’s plus and where the sole aim is not purely to move goods at the cheapest possible price with limited help. Some points are exactly the same as the Load & Go -Transport Only Service and but there are some extra benefits in the first section bellow.

With the EasyMoves – Driver(s) will “assist” with loading and unloading items to the ground floor any room of choice. “Customers“ who have booked a “part-load or one van“ are to “assist“ the driver with larger items requiring 2 man lifts.

Additional Costs For Loading And Unloading At The Weekends

  • Saturday or Sunday Loading = 150 euros
  • Saturday or Sunday Unloading = 150 euros

Extra Services / Charges

  • Timed Collection = 150 euros
  • Timed Delivery = 150 euros
  • Waiting time for loading or unloading over hours allocated on service level = 50 euros per hour per van.
  • Over weight charges = Charged at the same price as the Police or relevant country authority charge us. Payable before goods are unloaded.
  • Picking up impounded over weight items = same rate as per our shipping calculator on our website. Payable before goods are unloaded.
  • Professional Export packing at any of our 3 depots = Price on application

FREE Storage

  • Part loads = 1 month’s FREE storage.
  • Full loads = €35/week per van subject to availability.

Loading / Unloading

Our removals driver will provide limited help to get the goods on to the vehicle from the ground floor of your property. You have a maximum of 5 hours loading unless agreed prior with our sales team and 3 hours unloading time unless agreed prior with our sales team. If you have only booked one driver one van then you will need to provide adequate people to load and unload the vehicle. If you have booked 2 drivers then they will take care of it for you I.E if you have only booked one driver then sofas and beds that require 2 people to lift them then you will need to provide at least 1 fit and able person on the day of loading and unloading to help our driver, if you have larger and heavier cabinets that require 4 people then you need to supply 3 fit and able people to help our driver. To get the full value from this service we suggest booking 2 vans or booking extra man power with our removals sale team.

Delivery day / times

Our international movers team can book in a collection day for you any time after you have booked or upon your booking with us. You can also provide us with from and to dates if you wish and then confirm closer to your actual move day. When loading for full vans we typically try to book in for morning collections. There are some exceptions such as Paris and London where on some occasions we would suggest either very early morning or late night collections due to traffic/parking, this would normally be by mutual agreement with our customers well in advance. You can change your move date anytime you like as long as we have at least 3 days’ notice without any penalty whatsoever. Less than 3 days would typically incur financial penalties as we would have already booked a vehicle and in many cases peak season we would have turned down other customer’s jobs.


You must provide our removals team with an inventory of goods to move. We will need to provide this on delivery documents so the cargo can be checked on to the vehicle and checked off again. It is also expected by foreign police and customs should the vehicle be stopped for a spot check. Our load planners will also need to see a copy of it to check the estimated cubic size and weight of the suggested load against industry averages. You will also need to provide a 2 copies of the inventory in paper format on the day, you or the person loading for you will need to check this inventory on to the vehicle with the driver. One copy is for you to keep and one copy is for the driver. If you wish to ship without doing this then this, then this is entirely at your own risk.

Additional Man Power

We will send a driver to help with your load and if requested additional labour that will help you load and unload your goods from the ground floor of your house. We can send One, Two or Three personnel to assist you with this at extra cost agreed with our sales team. We can bring items of furniture down from the first or second floors or in the case of apartments in lifts again at extra cost. Our team will provide blankets and straps to assist with protecting your larger pieces of furniture.

Load volume and weight

Our vehicles have the same weight capacities as all of the other vehicles in the transport business, the biggest consideration when moving your goods needs to be the weight. For instance our most popular vehicle used, a Luton van can take upto 20m3 in volume with a 1000kgs pay load. If you have a large amount of heavy boxes let’s say 20kgs each then you will only be able to get 60 boxes on the vehicle before you start to hit your weight limit. If you are moving excessive amounts of books or heavy boxes with items such as bathroom tiles then please bring this to our attention ASAP. In some cases we can send these through the general freight network at very competitive prices keeping the bulk of the cubic size of the vehicles for your furniture and eliminating the need for a second van. If left to last minute the only viable way of moving such loads at short notice could be to send in a second van which will be far more expensive for you. If you think you are going to send the vehicle over weight then please talk to our removals team at the earliest time so we can plan the lowest cost solution and avoid awkward situations on the day of your move.


Please adequately package your goods, we and our insurance company will not take any responsibility for damaged goods if they are inadequately packaged and subsequently damaged in transit. I.E if you wish to send a white or cream fabric sofa or bed completely unprotected and unwrapped from the UK to Southern Spain then this is at your risk (We strongly advise all such items are not sent in this way and we will not take any responsibility for any dirty marks as a result). If you wish to put glass items and crockery into card boxes unprotected and/or without taping them up properly then this is also at your own risk also. Please see our Movers Guide for packing advice.

In some cases for smaller shipments typically under 5m3 your goods may be sent on a pallett service.

In rare cases if your goods are being transported to some of the smaller European Islands your goods may be sent by shipping container – any additional costs of using this service will be covered by Europe.