Moving to Luxembourg – Healthcare

There are no private hospitals in the country. However, health facilities in Luxembourg are first-rate; you have the right to choose your doctor, hospital and specialist. The Caisses des Maladies (Health Offices) manage the healthcare and therefore the hospitals for citizens and residents.

Employers register their employees with the Caisse de Maladie des Employés Privés or Private Employees Health Office, that will issue your social security card. You will need this card for all your prescriptions and all medical visits. GP surgeries close on Wednesday afternoons. Doctors only make house visits at certain times of the day.

You must have a referral from your doctor for a hospital admission unless an emergency.

If you go to a hospital, take your towels, toiletries and nightwear. You’ll also need money for telephone calls, TV, bottled water, etc. as these items come from private contractors on the hospital site.

Look out for a sign showing a white H on a blue background when you are looking for the hospital.

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