Moving to Italy – 10 Places to live in Italy


You’ve decided to move to Italy but you aren’t sure of where in Italy to move.

Here is a breakdown of 10 possible places to relocate to.


The capital city and one of many places to move to.

Located in the Lazio region of Italy Rome is home to some of the most stunning and important history in Europe.

From the Colosseum, The Pantheon and the remains of the Roman Empire. Of course, history isn’t the only thing Rome has to offer.

The cuisine is among the finest in the world with the city boasting many of the finest restaurants around.

For hundreds of years Rome has been had the forefront of the art world, from the Renaissance all the way to today, Italy has consistently produced some of the greatest artists and Rome is the hub of this long and storied history, even today Rome is the center of the Italian fashion, cinema, architecture and art scene.

Rome contains some of the best schools and universities in Italy and as the capital city it’s known for being a bustling and energetic metropolitan city with a thriving culture and great connections for travelling around not only Italy but the rest of Europe.

Of course the reasons to move to Rome are endless this is why Rome is one of the most popular cities in all of Europe and there is no way all of the reasons to move to Rome could be listed here, making Rome of the most inviting potential relocation destinations.


Milan, famous for its history, art, food, music and football is easily one of Italy’s most inviting options.

As the capital of the Lombardy region located in the North of Italy it is one of the major cities in Italy and one of the most significant both historically and culturally.

As the home of some of the finest and most famous clothing brands on the planet Milan has long been considered one of the major players in the fashion industry with the city hosting the headquarters of Gucci, Prada and Armani, among others.

Milan is also home of two of the all time great football clubs A. C. Milan and F.C. Internazionale Milano who share the world famous San Siro stadium located in the City offering the opportunity to see some of the finest football played in Italy.

It football isn’t your thing the food in Milan is, like a lot of other Italian cities, among the best available.

Milan is also home to some of the most famous schools and universities in Europe and being located in the North of the country Milan gives you the option for easy travel throughout the European continent with Switzerland, France, Austria and others sharing a border along the north of the country.

Italy is one of the most interesting and picturesque countries in Europe and Milan is among the finest cities the continent has to offer which is what makes it one of the prime locations in Italy.


The original capital city of Italy and one of the major cities in Italy, Turin is a fascinating and beautiful destination in the Piedmont region in the north-west of Italy.

Filled in the sights and culture that make Italy special. From the historic churches, the Shroud of Turin and some of the most beautiful architecture available anywhere to the food, art and the vibrant city center that makes Turin one of the finest cities anywhere on the planet let alone Italy.

Of course like most Italian cities, the food, history and art in Turin is spectacular and can offer entertainment and experiences like not many cities can.

From the nightlife of a bustling city to the culture of one of Italy’s and a well connected transport system to match its educational establishments.

As one of the most populated cities in Italy, there will always be things to do in the city and as one of the largest cities in Europe there are plenty of places within the city to live making Turin another great option for re-locating to Italy.


Known around the world for the famous canal system that connects the 117 small islands that make up the north-eastern city of Venice, this city is one of the most romantic and iconic places.

As one of the most important tourist destinations in all of Italy, Venice is a city that offers a whole host of different reasons to live there not least the look of the city, from the intricate and marvelous canals that allow people to travel throughout the city and the gondolas that people associate the city with to the famous art, architecture, and culture that Italy is known for.

Venice is also the host of the famous Carnival of Venice where the people of Venice don masks and costumes for a festival which takes place on Shrove Tuesday ever year.

Venice is a pretty, energetic and iconic city with a rich history to be discovered and explored making Venice an ideal location for people who are relocating to Italy.


As one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Naples’ history is an enviable attribute this wonderful city has.

It contains the largest historical center in Europe.

This rich and storied history has given Naples one of the strongest cultural identities in all of Italy.

Years could be spent getting to know the history of this city, with some parts of the city and its history dating all the way back to the bronze age giving the city a distinct and unique feel and of course being that close to so much history the city is filled with art, food, sport and people.

Churches and Museums fill the city putting the knowledge of hundreds of years of history well within reach of any one who lives in the city, so a person interested in places with rich histories would do well to re-locate to Naples.


As one of the most famous cities in the world and the capital of the Tuscany region of Italy and the birthplace of the Renaissance Florence is a beautiful and vitally important city in the history of Italy.

The architecture and aesthetics of the city are among the most famous in the world and like Rome, Milan and Turin, Florence in one of the most influential fashion capitals in the world.

From the famous squares of Florence to the influential art scene there is plenty to do as a resident of Florence and because it is one of Italy’s largest economies work is plentiful.

Students make up a large percentage of the population meaning that there is a youthful feeling to the city despite the cultural and historical significance of this ancient hub of creativity.


The capital and largest city in the Emilia-Romogna region in the north of Italy this city is home to many things that would make it an exciting and fulfilling place to live.

It has been around for around 1000 making it one of the older cities in Italy, this also means like most of Italy, it is a fantastic historical city to live in with a wealth of museums and as one of the European Capital of Culture it is seeped in culture to become immersed in.

Bolonga is also one of the richest of the Italian cities and ranks high on the list of cities based on quality of life.

Pisa: Home of the leaning tower of Pisa this city in the region of Tuscany this city is known for many things other than the tower which shares its name.

One of these things is the great number of churches, museums and the strong cultural history.

The city also has the famous University of Pisa which has been around for hundreds of years.

Of course the leaning tower brings a lot of tourism to the city of Pisa meaning that it is one of the stronger Italian cities economically speaking making this a very desirable place for people to relocate to.


Known for Parma Ham and Parmesan Cheese this city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy is famous for its food, among other things.

Among those things is of course the history and the architecture, the many churches, palaces and museums that will give days and days of enjoyment and learning.

Parma has produced many people who went on to do great things, such as, film director Bernado Bertolucci, Architect and sculptor Benedetto Antelami and painter Sisto Badalocchio.


This ancient city in the north of Italy would be a fantastic place to move to if you don’t like the vast energy of a place like Rome or Milan.

This city has a major place in the history of italian music giving birth to people like Alfredo Piatti, Pietro Locatelli and Gaetano Donizetti.

It has a good education system and transport links and its location in the north of the country means that travelling both to other major cities in Italy, and other countries which share a border with Italy, easy.

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