Moving to Ireland – Healthcare

Ireland enjoys an excellent healthcare system and offers a mixture of free and paid-for services to its residents. Anyone arriving from an EEA country, or Switzerland has the right to the same medical cover as an Irish national. In other words, a combination of free, subsidised and paid-for services, depending on your level of income.

Individuals who are from the EEA and on an income below a threshold will qualify for a medical card. This card provides healthcare services free of charge. There are different types of medical card, such as a GP card, and eligibility criteria differ.

Those arriving from outside the EEA will have to pay for the majority of healthcare services. It is possible to take out private healthcare cover to help pay for these costs.

In addition to the state healthcare system, there is also a network of private providers. These will have to be paid for in full by the individual or covered by a private healthcare scheme.

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