Removals to Slovenia are likely at the top of your priority list if you searched the Internet to prepare a future relocation. Your new life in Slovenia will provide very different experiences and open up a whole new way of living. However, there’s lots of preparation that needs doing before you leave. Making a list can help, and don’t worry about getting everything right. As long as the basics are in place, you can organise everything else after you arrive. Here is a guide to the essentials you should know about moving to Slovenia.

Slovenia lies within central Europe and occupies the place where the Mediterranean comes up to meet the Alps. The population is just over two million. This country has a delightful charm and a rich tapestry of landscapes to choose from.

There are gentle green hills which extend up to rocky mountains, while in the opposite direction there is lush countryside and crystal clear lakes. Thermal spas provide a relaxing retreat while the towns and cities are steeped in culture and give a fascinating peek into the country’s past.

The climate is continental overall, with warm and pleasant summers and chilly winters. These temperatures can plunge at higher altitudes and around the coastal regions, there is more of a Mediterranean feel.

The currency used in Slovenia is the Euro.

Moving to Slovenia – Visa

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Slovenia is part of the EU and also a member of the Schengen Zone. As such, it allows free travel between the various nations to any individual who holds the relevant Schengen visa.

EU nationals do not require a visa to enter Slovenia, and they may remain as long as they like. You do not need any additional permit for working or setting up a business. Any trips which are likely […]

Moving to Slovenia – Transport

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Driving is one of the most convenient ways to get around Slovenia, and there is a well-maintained road network which makes travelling easy. While driving in Slovenia, you must carry around the mandatory safety equipment at all times, and in winter, this also includes winter tyres on the car and snow chains in the boot.

Slovenians drive on the right-hand side of the road, and use dipped headlights all of the […]

Moving to Slovenia – Healthcare

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Slovenia has an extremely high standard of healthcare. Unfortunately, it also suffers from a shortage of trained staff and there can be long waits for routine appointments. The state system provides a variety of treatments. Funding comes from contributions from residents and workers.

Workers typically pay 6.36% towards their healthcare, while employers top it up with a further 6.56%. This contribution covers their healthcare and also that of any dependants.

The state healthcare […]