Removals to Norway obey slightly different rules to the classic European removals due to its status as EEA member. If you’re moving to Norway, there are also many things to discover about the country. Have a look at what awaits you in this land of Scandinavian beauty, to help prepare for your move.

The most northerly country in Europe, Norway is a small country with a population of around five million.

Although on the same latitude as Greenland, Siberia and Alaska, it tends not to be quite as cold. The Gulf Stream warms up the south-west coast, but inland and the north get much colder. In the winter temperatures plunge to way below freezing. In the summer, expect long days of continuous sunlight and long, hot days even in the north!

Norway isn’t part of the EU so has retained its currency, the krone. 100 ore make a single krone, also known as NOK or KR.

If you’re relocating from an EU country, the process of moving can be relatively simple, particularly when it comes to passing through customs. For international movers coming from further afield, there’s typically a bit more to arrange before your possessions arrive at your new home.

Norway isn’t part of the EU, and everyone needs to go through a more complicated process when transporting their items. Both international moving firms and European removals have to navigate customs in the same way.

Norway is part of the EEA, but not part of the customs union, so it is free to decide on its tariff. Hence why Norway removals need an expert team of experienced professionals.

Moving to Norway – Healthcare

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Expats moving to Norway will have access to one of the highest standards of healthcare in Europe. But it’s not free. You need to pay a fee after any visit. Beyond a specific limit, you will receive a “free card” (frikort) allowing free visits for that year.

Register yourself with the National Population Register (Foke-register). You will be assigned a GP (General Practitioner) within the Norwegian public system. As a resident, […]

Moving to Norway – Transport

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Many people who move abroad expect to drive in their new country. It’s worth considering this in more detail if you are going to be moving to Norway.

The roads are excellent and well-maintained, but the weather can have a significant effect. Driving in heavy snow and ice takes practice and makes travelling by car difficult during the winter months. Furthermore, while the south has an extensive road network, the north of the […]

Moving to Norway – Visa

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Despite not being in the EU, Norway is part of the Schengen area which allows free travel within member states. Short-term visits are much easier for EU nationals and anyone holding a visa for a Schengen country.

Any national of an EEA country can visit Norway for up to 90 days without any visa or permit but will need a passport with at least six months duration remaining. Norwegian Border Control […]

Moving to Norway – General Tips

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Opening a Bank account requires a national ID number, which does take time and should be a number one priority on arrival. You’ll need this identification number to receive your salary, to pay your taxes, to open a business and receive social benefits such as unemployment benefits, parental leave and medical services.

Remember to take a queue number when you walk into any bank and bring your passport and a copy […]

Moving to Norway – Taxation

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Finding somewhere to live, finding a job and making sure that your new home has everything you need….but what about Finance and Tax in Norway?

A new life, a new adventure. It’s all very exciting, but at the same time, there is almost definitely an element of worry. You are, after all, relocating to a new country that you might not be altogether familiar with.

From finding somewhere to live and work […]