If you’re considering moving overseas, moving to the Netherlands is an excellent choice. It offers a clean and safe country, with friendly and welcoming people. With a population of approximately 17 million, the Netherlands has a long history of immigration. This history may make moving to the nation far less intimating, and many people find they settle very quickly. Removals to the Netherlands are usually a very straightforward affair and this little guide should show you the main points to consider

Whether you’re hoping to retire in the Netherlands, or find work, you’ll see a country that is tolerant, structured and picturesque. However, like any country, there are bound to be some differences when you start living abroad.

With a reputation for being liberal and open-minded, the Netherlands attracts many visitors every year. It offers a beautiful landscape and scenic vistas. Yet it is the most densely populated nation in Europe.

The Netherlands is a very flat country with more than a quarter of its landmass below sea level. This geography makes getting around much more relaxed than elsewhere, with fewer hills to get in the way of a comfortable stroll.

As well as the famous waterways, windmills, and fields, you’ll find the Netherlands has a buzzing festival season. If ever there’s a reason to celebrate, the Dutch will find it! The social scene in the Netherlands is unique. You will see lots of events popping up in green spaces and parks on regular occasions.

The economy of the Netherlands is stable and secure and has a robust tertiary sector which provides substantial employment. Horticulture and agriculture are significant export industries too.

You may have heard people referring to the Netherlands as Holland been wondering which is the correct term to use? If you’ve been saying “The Netherlands,” congratulations, this is correct! Technically, Holland is the term which refers to just two provinces within the country: Zuid-Holland and Noord-Holland. The Netherlands is the term which includes the whole of the country.

Historically, Holland were the areas which made the most substantial contribution. It, therefore, became a habit to refer to the whole country by the same name. This has continued to the modern day, but if you want to be correct, The Netherlands is the name you should use.

Moving to Netherlands – Healthcare

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Most people accept that The Netherlands has the best health system in Europe. The scheme is generous and covers a wide range of benefits including paternity, maternity, unemployment and long-term care, along with sickness and disability.

For Europeans moving to the Netherlands, it’s possible to use an EHIC card for the first year. After this, they will need to change to the Dutch health insurance system. Others moving to the Netherlands from […]

Moving to Netherlands – Visa

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Much like many countries in Europe, The Netherlands accepts visitors from the EU/EEA, plus their immediate family, without the need for a visa or entry documentation. However, individuals must register to receive citizen registration numbers if they expect their visit to be longer than four months.If you are moving to the Netherlands from further afield, you will need a visa to enter plus a residence permit if you wish to […]

Moving to Netherlands – Where to live

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A large part of the population, 40%, live in the area known as the Randstad; this is the collective name for The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. Each of these areas has their unique appeal and atmosphere.

Amsterdam is the capital city and has a population of more than 800,000. English is spoken widely, and there’s a vast range of attractions such as cafes and bars which creates a healthy social […]

Moving to Netherlands – Taxation

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What exactly do you need to know about finance and tax in the Netherlands?

Whether you are moving to North or South Holland and in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague, or any of the other ten provinces that constitute The Netherlands, finance and tax will continue to be an inescapable part of your life.

We’ve put together a first-step guide to banking and the basics on income tax, social […]