Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a beautiful place to live and work. Whether you’re moving to Ireland from the UK, Europe, or travelling from further afield, the island has much to offer. However, Ireland has a strong cultural identity that you will feel even if you’re moving from a nearby country. Therefore removals to Ireland require planning and organisation.

Ireland gets its nickname from its stunning green landscape; It offers residents the chance to escape from the city and breathe in some fresh air. Whether you live in the buzzing Dublin or the relaxing and rural Dingle, the Irish countryside is never far away.

Part of the EU, the Irish economy is bouncing back after enduring a tough time during the recession. Ireland uses the euro as its currency.

The climate in Ireland is typically north Atlantic European: mild and unreliable summers, cold but not freezing winters.

Being part of the EU, if you’re moving from an EEA country, the customs process is relatively easy and straightforward provided you avoid bringing any prohibited items.

If you’re moving to Ireland from further afield, such as the US, you’ll need to fill in a bit more paperwork but the customs process is still quite simple compared to some other countries. When you’re deciding what items to bring, bear in mind that Ireland will have a different electrical system and in some cases, it may be easier to purchase an Irish replacement upon arrival.

It’s possible to take your car to Ireland, but you must have owned it for at least six months and will need to register it when you arrive.

Moving to Ireland – Visa

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The visa requirements for Ireland depend on where from you’re travelling. If you’re moving to Ireland from the UK, you won’t need any permits or visas to live or work. You will still need a valid passport for entry.

Ireland is part of the EU. As such, fellow EU citizens enjoy very similar rights to migrants from the UK. Other than a very few narrow limitations, EU nationals and the Swiss […]

Moving to Ireland – Transport

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Ireland has a decent public transport system with both trains and buses available that cover all around the country. However, despite this availability, public transport can be a complicated way to travel around Ireland; Particularly if you’re planning on visiting some of the more rural areas. A LEAP card will make using public transport in some cities easier.

Outside the main towns and cities, it’s challenging to get around without a […]

Moving to Ireland – Healthcare

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Ireland enjoys an excellent healthcare system and offers a mixture of free and paid-for services to its residents. Anyone arriving from an EEA country, or Switzerland has the right to the same medical cover as an Irish national. In other words, a combination of free, subsidised and paid-for services, depending on your level of income.

Individuals who are from the EEA and on an income below a threshold will qualify for a […]

Moving to Ireland – Taxation

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Relocating to any country can be a stressful time especially with the practicalities that come with it. Don’t let the finance and tax in Ireland be one of those stresses.

Ireland – land of the leprechauns, the famous Guinness and the shamrock. A beautiful country with rolling green hills offering a lovely lifestyle.

But what can you expect from living in Ireland? As well as researching the best areas to live, the […]