Removals to Croatia can be more difficult because of the geography, with challenging areas such as the hills in the northern Hrvatsko Zagorje, the Dalmatian mountains and the city of Dubrovnik buried in the deep south. The beauty that awaits still makes it well worth the effort.

If you are moving to Croatia, you will need to plan so your relocation goes without a hitch. Whether you are retiring to the Adriatic coast or taking up an exciting job offer, Croatia offers lots of opportunities.

Removals to Croatia can be more complex because of its position in eastern Europe and the geography of the nation. With many islands and limited motorways to peripheral cities, transport can take a little longer than in other countries.

Whether you chose our Load & Go or our EasyMoves solution, European Moving can help you with your removal. We shall be able to provide advice on a whole range of removal issues you may not have encountered before.

Moving to Croatia – Healthcare

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The general standard of healthcare in Croatia is pretty good, but it suffers from underfunding and over-demand. Therefore although there is a state healthcare system, many residents opt to take out additional private cover.

Individuals living and working in Croatia will contribute to the national healthcare via deductions from their wages. Employers will make further contributions directly from the payroll. Self-employed individuals must pay the whole sum themselves.

However, due to the […]

Moving to Croatia – Visa

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As a member of the EU, Croatia has visa regulations which are in line with the rest of Europe. Therefore EU nationals, as well as citizens from countries such as Australia, Canada and the US, will not need a visa to enter Croatia. They may remain without further documentation for up to three months in any six month period.

Croatia is not part of the Schengen Zone but has applied to […]

Moving to Croatia – Transport

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Croatia has a good road network. Stricter traffic enforcement means the driving is far less dangerous than it used to be. There is a zero-tolerance policy for drink driving and a very low legal limit. You’ll need to abstain from drinking if you plan on using a car to get around.

The downside to driving is that traffic can be a problem, particularly on the weekends or on coastal routes during […]