Moving to Poland – Taxation

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What do you need to know about finance and tax in Poland before you relocate? Income tax, corporate tax, social security and VAT – how do they apply to you?

If Poland is a possible relocation destination, there is plenty you will need to find out before you move.

Whilst securing a job and finding a place to live is probably at the top of the list there is more you need […]

Moving to Norway – Taxation

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Finding somewhere to live, finding a job and making sure that your new home has everything you need….but what about Finance and Tax in Norway?

A new life, a new adventure. It’s all very exciting, but at the same time, there is almost definitely an element of worry. You are, after all, relocating to a new country that you might not be altogether familiar with.

From finding somewhere to live and work […]

Moving to Denmark – Taxation

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When relocating to a new country one of the more important factors to consider is your finances. How will the regulations surrounding finance and tax in Denmark affect you?

For many the starting point when moving to a new country is finances. Yes, of course, you need to decide where you want to live and where you will work but often starting with the money is the best course of action.

In […]

Moving to Sweden – Taxation

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What is there to know about finance and tax in Sweden? If you are considering a move, then it is useful to get as much information as possible before you move.

Are you thinking about a move to Sweden?

Perhaps it is just a consideration at the moment, and you are just in the early stages of research. You may be much further along the process and actually already be in […]

Moving to Netherlands – Taxation

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What exactly do you need to know about finance and tax in the Netherlands?

Whether you are moving to North or South Holland and in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague, or any of the other ten provinces that constitute The Netherlands, finance and tax will continue to be an inescapable part of your life.

We’ve put together a first-step guide to banking and the basics on income tax, social […]

Moving to Luxembourg – Taxation

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You’re moving to Luxembourg where finance and tax will continue to be an inevitable part of your life. So what exactly do you need to know about finance and tax in Luxembourg?

We’ve put together primary steps to guide you on choosing a bank and the implications for you on income tax and social security contributions and VAT.

Let’s face it you’ve enough to manage with your schedule for European moving, a […]

Moving to Finland – Taxation

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How does finance and tax in Finland apply to you? While you may have given thought to where you will live and work it is equally important to consider your finances.

Have you been considering a move to Finland? Perhaps it has progressed beyond that, and you are now actually ready to move.

While deciding where to live and where to work will be at the top of your list of […]

Moving to Belgium – Taxation

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You’re moving to Belgium where managing your finances and paying tax will continue to be a part of your life. So what exactly do you need to know about finance and tax in Belgium?

We’ve put together an introduction guide on social security contributions, income tax, choosing a bank and VAT and how they’ll apply to you.

We aim to make sure you are one step ahead of the game. Let’s face […]

Moving to Cyprus – Taxation

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finance and tax in cyprus

A new life abroad means finding somewhere to live and looking for, or maybe relocating with work. How does finance and tax in Cyprus affect you though?

For those of you that are considering a move to Cyprus, there will be many different motivations.

Some of you will be retiring and therefore not have to worry too much about finance and tax in […]

Finance and Tax in Austria

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When it comes to the regulations concerning finance and tax in Austria, what exactly do you need to know? How do the taxes in this European country affect you?

A landlocked country in Europe with so much to offer, Austria is a popular choice for those looking to relocate. Sharing its borders with Germany, Czechia, Slovakian Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Liechtenstein it has so much to offer. With a mixture of […]