Moving to Portugal – Healthcare

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Portugal provides a good level of healthcare, ranked as 12th globally by the World Health Organisation. Both state and private healthcare exist in Portugal, combining to create a better experience.

EU nationals who hold an EHIC card will be entitled to the same state medical treatment as Portuguese nationals. These rights continue when an individual either becomes an employee of a Portuguese employer or becomes a permanent resident.

However, not all medical […]

Moving to Poland – Healthcare

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The standard of healthcare in Poland is generally acceptable. Nevertheless, visitors from more affluent countries may find hospitals lacking some of the comforts that they may know at home. Likewise, there is a shortage of doctors and medical professionals, particularly in more rural areas.

There is a public health system in Poland which is known as the NFZ – the National Health Fund. Contributing is compulsory for all residents and workers […]

Moving to Norway – Healthcare

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Expats moving to Norway will have access to one of the highest standards of healthcare in Europe. But it’s not free. You need to pay a fee after any visit. Beyond a specific limit, you will receive a “free card” (frikort) allowing free visits for that year.

Register yourself with the National Population Register (Foke-register). You will be assigned a GP (General Practitioner) within the Norwegian public system. As a resident, […]

Moving to Netherlands – Healthcare

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Most people accept that The Netherlands has the best health system in Europe. The scheme is generous and covers a wide range of benefits including paternity, maternity, unemployment and long-term care, along with sickness and disability.

For Europeans moving to the Netherlands, it’s possible to use an EHIC card for the first year. After this, they will need to change to the Dutch health insurance system. Others moving to the Netherlands from […]

Moving to Luxembourg – Healthcare

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There are no private hospitals in the country. However, health facilities in Luxembourg are first-rate; you have the right to choose your doctor, hospital and specialist. The Caisses des Maladies (Health Offices) manage the healthcare and therefore the hospitals for citizens and residents.

Employers register their employees with the Caisse de Maladie des Employés Privés or Private Employees Health Office, that will issue your social security card. You will need this […]

Moving to Ireland – Healthcare

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Ireland enjoys an excellent healthcare system and offers a mixture of free and paid-for services to its residents. Anyone arriving from an EEA country, or Switzerland has the right to the same medical cover as an Irish national. In other words, a combination of free, subsidised and paid-for services, depending on your level of income.

Individuals who are from the EEA and on an income below a threshold will qualify for a […]

Moving to Belgium – Healthcare

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The healthcare system is Belgium is absolutely exemplary and can be accessed via either private or state cover. If you are working in Belgium, once you register with Social Security your employer will make deductions from your salary to cover your contributions. Each individual must pay 7.35% to have healthcare cover but part of this is paid by your employer. Self-employed individuals have to pay the full 7.35% themselves.

Belgian healthcare […]

Moving to Slovenia – Healthcare

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Slovenia has an extremely high standard of healthcare. Unfortunately, it also suffers from a shortage of trained staff and there can be long waits for routine appointments. The state system provides a variety of treatments. Funding comes from contributions from residents and workers.

Workers typically pay 6.36% towards their healthcare, while employers top it up with a further 6.56%. This contribution covers their healthcare and also that of any dependants.

The state healthcare […]

Moving to Slovakia – Healthcare

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Health care is one area where Slovakia still has some improving to do. Coming from a country with a good healthcare system, you will feel that the Slovakian provision is below par. Although primary health care is free of charge, some services are not, and not every hospital has the equipment it needs.

For this reason, whether you’re an EU national or travelling from further afield, you should seriously consider taking […]